Welcome to North Shore Jewish Center

NSJC is a welcoming and inclusive, egalitarian Conservative Jewish congregation located on the North Shore of Suffolk County Long Island, New York. We embrace people from all levels and backgrounds of Jewish knowledge and practice, including interfaith families, and we offer a continuum of engaging, stimulating and dynamic programs and worship services to meet a diversity of needs and age ranges, from preschoolers to seniors.

Our congregation’s goal for the 21st century is to preserve the bright future of our sacred community and fulfill our potential as a vibrant center of Judaism in Suffolk County.

Caring for the spiritual & social needs of our community

Help the Glacier Jewish Community of Montana

Contributions can be made to the Secure Community Network, noted for “Glacier Jewish Community Security Grant”
c/o SCN/JFNA, PO Box 157, Ny, NY 10268

Todah Offering

The Todah Offering, or Thanksgiving Offering (Leviticus 7:12) is to be given when a Jew has something “more” or something “extra” for which he or she wants to thank God. The offering also has the further meaning of expressing gratitude not only through a sacrifice but in song, praise or some other gift.

For our shared American holiday of Thanksgiving, let us show our gratitude to our synagogue and test the PayPal tool on the website to make sure it is working. Please fulfill the Torah’s command and make a “Todah Offering” of $18, $36, $54 or $72 today.

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8th Annual Film Festival
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Jewish University at NSJC
Weekly bible class, Talmud class, Hebrew class, Israeli dance class and special programs
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