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NSJC: Not Just a Building

The leadership of NSJC has one major goal: to preserve the bright future of our sacred community and fulfill our potential as a vibrant center of Judaism in Suffolk County…one filled with ruach (joyous spirit) and a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere.

The following words were written in 1967 and served as the introduction to the Design Plan for our home, the North Shore Jewish Center. “We are looking for an American Synagogue: for Today and Tomorrow. In these times of radical and rapid changes our synagogue must be both of our time and, in a sense, timeless; both a functional community center and a focal point of the community’s aspirations.”

Our property at the corner of Old Town Road and Norwood Avenue, across from Ward Melville High School, was purchased in 1965 and the synagogue building was completed in 1971. The vision of our founding members is still relevant over 40 years later.

Main Entrance on Norwood Avenue

Main Entrance on Norwood Avenue

The Religious Community

1967: “Our synagogue is to be a uniquely Jewish house of worship, expressive of the fundamentals rather than the incidentals of our faith. Both the worshipper within and the passerby should stir with an unequivocal conviction that ‘surely God is in this place.’”

Present day: “North Shore Jewish Center is, first and foremost, a place of worship. We are committed to remaining a traditional egalitarian Conservative Synagogue. However, we recognize the diverse spiritual needs of Jews in Suffolk County who identify with the Conservative movement. Without diluting the integrity of our religious foundation, we commit ourselves to address the diverse needs and viewpoints of Conservative Judaism.”

It is obvious that our founders had it right the first time – we continue to be concerned with the fundamentals of our faith but we hope to broaden this to attract and welcome those with more wide-ranging needs and observances within Conservative Judaism.



1967: “The construction must provide a place for education with at least six classrooms and which must allow for future expansion. The area must be handsome and a pleasant place in which to bring up the children.”

Present day: “We are committed to fostering Jewish learning and Jewish observance for the spiritual and ethical well-being of our present and future members.”

Our Religious School has been awarded the prestigious “School of Excellence” designation by USCJ. We train our children for a lifetime of practice and observance.

The Social Community: Membership

1967: “The decision to purchase land and build a new synagogue for ourselves, our children and our posterity, has come slowly and with great examination. It will be replacing a structure that has been the center of Jewish communal life in this area for more than 70 years and shall stand forth as our inspired moment.”

Present day: “We understand that increased membership and increased retention of energized, enthusiastic and committed members are necessary for continued success.”

NSJC is still a hub of activity for the Jewish community – a house of worship, a place of learning and a functional community center.

Financial Health

1967: “The construction budget for the work is to be $500,000 including all interior furnishings.”

Present day: “We affirm a stable financial environment with manageable debt, reserves for unexpected expenses, and cash flow to meet our on-going obligations is necessary for the continuation of NSJC.”

How times have changed! In 1967 a new home cost about $25,000 and gas cost 33¢ a gallon- approximately a 700% increase in 40 years.

Today and Tomorrow. Whether it’s 1967 or the present day… the more things change, the more things stay the same.

View from Old Town Road

View from Old Town Road