Our President

Andy Polan


Welcome to this sacred home for all!

Our North Shore Jewish Center (NSJC) Kedoshah Kehilla (holy community), is a traditional, conservative egalitarian Kehilla..

The position of president of our kehillah is a job I approach with a sense of great pride and honor. It is one more opportunity for me to serve my community, this time with the focus on the Jewishness that is at the core of our commonality, the thread that ties our kehillah together. We are all involved in the NSJC kehillah for our own reasons, but we’re all here, involved together , creating the community that is North Shore Jewish Center.
Serving my community is important to me. As a small local business owner and President of the Three Village Chamber of Commerce, I work to grow and develop the local business community. As the President of NSJC, I work to grow and develop the Jewish Community.
My commitment to community, religious or otherwise, is not something that I learned on my own. from the time I was a child, my parents, Sheldon and Beverly, led by example and instilled a sense of community and volunteerism in me. Members of my family volunteer for cancer care, their own local synagogues , and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. I Am committed to having NSJC continue its involvement in the local community through our work – our involvement with the numerous groups we work to benefit on Mitzvah Day, our holiday visits to Atria, and our work with local soup kitchens and homeless shelters.
I truly believe that our NSJC community, and our local Jewish community by extension, is only as strong as its participants. I encourage you to not only get involved in the work we do as a kehillah but also to get involved in the kehillah as a whole – join a committee, attend events, become more involved with an auxiliary group. The best way to ensure the growth of a community is to get involved yourself.

Andy Polan
NSJC President
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