Jewish Learning Center

Heather Welkes, Principal

Shalom and welcome back!  I hope that your children enjoyed an exciting summer, filled with fun, fresh air and new memories.  While the religious school office was very quiet this summer, I enjoyed taking the time to reflect on last year’s success, as well as taking the time to continue to build excitement for our ever-evolving JLC program.

Last year we made some huge changes, which included writing a draft of our curriculum with the help of our teachers, putting into place a new departmentalized upper school program and developing an individualized chugim program where students can choose their own learning path.  We also brought in some excellent hands-on programming and redesigned our report cards.

This year, in an effort to continue to motivate students, increase attendance, build community and reward acheievment and effort, I am putting in place a M.E.N.T.C.H. program (Mitzvah, Educate, Neshama, Torah, Community, Hebrew.)  These six pillars are the foundation of our Jewish education, and as the children meet their educational goals throughout the year, they will recieve MENTCH cards and will be recognized at our quarterly assemblies.  You’ll learn more about this program at our first day program, which will take place on Sunday, September 10th.

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I expect that your children will have an amazing year, and I am always open to your insight.  Please feel free to reach out at any time by calling the synagogue at 631-928-3737.  I’d love to share a cup of coffee, as well as an enthusiasm for making your child’s Jewish education memorable and full of ruach.

Heather Welkes, principal

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