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Rabbinical Assembly Pesah Guide 5781:  


Shoprite in Port Jefferson in addition to its other locations offer a wide variety of Passover foods.

Make Your Own Haggadah! There are lots of resources online to personalize your Seder. Here is a good site to try:

Holiday Times: 

Thursday, March 25th-

Search for Chametz: Finish cleaning and search for chametz in the evening. Plant several (keep track!) pieces of chametz to be found. 

Make the blessing, al biur chametz, “to remove leaven” and by the light of a candle, scoop up using a feather and/or wooden spoon the pieces and put them in a paper bag or napkin (something that can burn). 

Then say: “All leaven or anything leavened which is in my possession, which I have neither seen nor removed, and about which I am unaware, shall be considered nullified and ownerless as the dust of the earth.”  The next morning, repeat this formula and burn the chametz.

Friday, March 26 - Stop eating chametz by 10:48am, burn chametz by 11:55am. Light candles at 7:07pm 

Saturday March 27 - Candle lighting after 7:54pm

Sunday, March 28 - Candle Lighting at 7:55pm

Monday, March 29 - Havdalah at 7:56pm

Friday, April 2 - Candle lighting at 7:00pm

Saturday, April 3 - Candle lighting after 8:01pm

Sunday, April 4 - Havdalah (End of Holiday) – 8:03pm, “new” chametz bought from non-Jews can be eaten. Not before 9:03pm – your “sold” chametz can be eaten (before this time it has yet to revert to your ownership, per the terms of your sale of chametz)

Delegation of Power to Sell Chametz:

Please fill out and return this form or else just email to sell your chametz:



Matza and Dill

Check out these great kosher recipes for Passover:

The Power of Passover During a Plague:

This Passover, pass hand sanitizer so COVID-19 plague passes over:

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