Men's Club exists to promote Jewish values and provide service to NSJC and the community. In addition to providing support for our life-cycle events, we also enjoy our Scotch and Steak nights, softball league, comedy/martini night, breakfast and speaker programs, and many other events and programs throughout the year.

We also provide ushering for the High Holidays and build the Sukkah each year.  


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It's the time of year to renew or join Men's Club. Because of our Men's Club members, we help NSJC and our Jewish community in so many positive ways. We hope that if you are a current member, that you will renew your membership! If you have never been a member, please give us a try, and if you are a former member, please consider joining us again.  The work we do for NSJC and the overall community can only be done with the support of Men's Club members!