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Need more info? Call Marcie, our executive director, to set up an appointment or to discuss membership options.  


Membership is not required for Religious School until the

oldest child enters fourth grade.  All Religious School

families receive tickets to the High Holiday Family Service.

Be inspired. Be Jewish. Come on in for a visit and create a new future for yourself. Or simply call us to discuss your particular concerns. We look forward to welcoming you.

The Torah teaches “love your neighbor as yourself” and the Rabbis praise the one who “greets everyone with a cheerful face.”

At the North Shore Jewish Center, we take these teachings to heart. In our mission to help Jews and their families find their Jewish spark and their Jewish home, we are always working to make sure that everyone who comes through our doors feels welcome.


​We know that for some, a Conservative synagogue may not look like a good fit. But we believe that everyone can find their place at NSJC – no matter their age, marital status, race, ethnic background or level of observance or ability.  LGBTQ families are welcome.  Intermarried Jews/interfaith families are welcome. The diversity of our membership strengthens us as a community.

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