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Synagogue funds, Rabbi's discretionary funds, education funds, youth funds, 

and many other options to help NSJC. Thank you!


Armed Security Fund:

Provides armed security guards during services and religious school.


Security Upgrade Fund: 

Provides monies for security upgrades to our facilities



Synagogue Fund: 

Allows for funding of unanticipated expenses throughout the year. We kindly suggest a donation to this fund if you are uncertain to which other fund to contribute to.


Building Fund:

Pays the cost of synagogue building repairs, upkeep and previous renovations.


Capital Campaign and Endowment Fund: 

Assures the congregation’s future with donations of cash, insurance, property, trusts and bequests for immediate (Capital Campaign) and future (Endowment Fund) use.


Holocaust Memorial: 

NSJC Will Never Forget. A plaque on the Memorial Board in our sanctuary is an opportunity to contribute toward Yom Hashoah programming. ($118)


Kiddush Fund: 

Subsidizes oneg Shabbatot on Friday evenings, kiddushim on Saturday mornings and holidays to enhance the religious life of the congregation.


Memorial Plaques: 

A plaque on the Memorial Board in our sanctuary is an enduring memorial tribute for your loved one. ($700)


Prayer Book and Bible Fund: 

Underwrites the cost of repairing and replacing bibles( $75), prayer books ($36) and sanctuary items.


Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund:

Provides assistance to families and children in financial need, funding to worldwide organizations, need-based tuition scholarships and support of activities of Conservative Judaism.


Rebbe’s Tish: 

Supports our food pantry program that helps feed the hungry in our local community.


Tree of Life: 

For simchas only.  A leaf on the tree is an opportunity to honor a loved one, commemorate a milestone or is the perfect memento for a bar or bat mitzvah, wedding, birth or any joyous occasion. (Leaves: Bronze $360, Silver $540, Gold $720)


Library Fund: 

Helps purchase new volumes for the library’s general collection and specific additions to various special collections. 



Cantor Martin Ehrlich Memorial Scholarship Fund:

Provides awards to youth who wish to study in Israel.


Patrons of Education Fund: 

Provides enrichment programming and services to our Religious School and Hebrew High School.


Lustig Family Fund:

Offers scholarship grants for teens to participate in the Ramah Summer Encampment program.


Education Scholarship Fund:

Offers need-based Religious School scholarship awards.


Jesse Becker Memorial Fund: 

Provides need-based scholarship support for Religious School and Youth Programming.


Religious School Fund: 

Subsidizes purchases as needed including materials, special events and trips in the Religious School.


Shoah Memorial Fund:

Assures our commitment to Holocaust education through special programming and ongoing community participation.


Elaine Silverman Memorial Education Scholarship Fund:  

Provides need based religious school tuition scholarships for children in grades Gan, Aleph or Bet.



Jeffrey Warshaw Memorial Fund:

Provides subsidies to young members active in our Youth Group program. 


Joyce Baxt Memorial Fund: 

Provides subsidies to young members active in our Youth Group program. 


Marlene Freed Memorial Fund: 

Provides awards to youth who wish to study in Israel. 


Youth Fund:

Provides need-based support for children and teens to participate in Youth Group activities; also underwrites the cost of special youth programming.


Deborah Ilysse Siegel Hamburger Memorial Fund:

Provides need-based scholarship awards to members of NSJC USY or Kadima for USY Summer Encampment program.

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