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Cantor Daniel Kramer

Cantor Daniel Kramer grew up in our congregation and so has come full-circle in his position as chazzan- returning to us, family in tow, in 2007.

From a very early age, Cantor Daniel was inspired by, and learned from, then NSJC Cantor Martin Ehrlich z"l. Starting with Aleinu as a young boy, he learned many parts of the Shabbat and holiday services so that by the time he became a bar mitzvah, he was able to lead parts of the High Holy Day services, which he did until he graduated high school. During the ensuing 12 years, he led High Holy Day services for another local congregation and served as a Rhode Island shul's chazzan.

Cantor Daniel attended the Solomon Schechter Day School of Suffolk County and graduated from Mount Sinai High School and Brandeis University. He received his Ph.D. from MIT in Inorganic Chemistry and was employed at GE's Global Research Center as a chemist. Now, he is a full-time chemistry teacher at Commack High School and our cantor.

Cantor Daniel's philosophy as a chazzan is to engage the congregation as much as possible, as davening should be a communal experience. As such, the melodies he uses are meant to be sung with, not only listened to; this is borne out through his energetic and motivational vocal style. He also works with the children in our Cantor Martin L. Ehrlich Religious School on t'fillot (prayers). His goal is to reach out to them to make them comfortable with the services in shul, particularly on Shabbat, and to encourage them and their families to actively participate in services.

Cantor Daniel's musical interests extend into the realm of secular music, particularly in vocal jazz, classic rock, and musical theatre. His avid hobbies include tropical meteorology, hockey, tennis, and computer flight and sports simulation.

Cantor Daniel lives in Mount Sinai with his wife, Jessica, and his four children, Ilan, Doriya, Tal and Ezra. He is very happy to be back home at the North Shore Jewish Center.

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