Bedikat Chametz – Searching for Chametz

It is a traditional custom to make a symbolic search of the house on the night before Passover begins.

At this point, the house should be clean, but a few “crumbs” (small pieces of bread or crackers) can be left out for the children and parents to search for. Using a candle or flashlight and a wooden spoon and feather, we search the house, brushing crumbs onto the spoon with the feather.  The next morning, we burn the chametz we have found, and it is the custom to burn the spoon and feather, too (since they touched chametz). Of course, if you don’t burn them, they should be put away for Passover – and then you can use them again next year. 

More about this ritual can be found in the opening of most Haggadah books.

Photo by Aman Bhatnagar from Pexels

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