Important Passover Information at NSJC

Please see below for important dates and information about 2019 Pesach 5780.

1st Seder, Friday, 4/19 – Community Seder at NSJC, 7:30pm

2nd Seder, Saturday, 4/20 – Let us know if you need a place for the second seder.

Friday, April 19th - Eve of Passover

Siyyum Bechorim 6:45am (minyan)

Stop eating chametz by 10:35am

Chametz Burning – by 11:43am (meet at 11:30 to burn your chametz at NSJC)

Mincha/Ma’ariv – 7pm (at NSJC before the community seder)

Candle lighting is at 7:21pm

Saturday, April 20th - First Day of Passover

Shacharit – 9am

Mincha – following morning services

No Maariv

Candle lighting after 8:24pm

Second Seder - Contact us if you need a place for the 2nd Seder

Sunday, April 21st - Second Day of Passover

Shacharit – 9am

Mincha/Ma’ariv – 7:30pm

End of 2nd Festival day of Passover at 8:25pm

Weekday Shacharit for Chol ha-Moed at 6:45am

Thursday, April 25th - Eve of Seventh day Passover

Minchah/Maariv at 7:30pm

Candle lighting at 7:27pm

Friday, April 26th - Seventh Day of Passover

Shacharit at 9am

Mincha/Ma’ariv 7:30pm

Candle lighting 7:28pm

Saturday, April 27th - Eighth Day of Passover

Shacharit (during which Yizkor will take place) services begin 8:45am

Mincha/Ma’ariv – 7:30pm

Havdalah (End of Holiday) – 8:32pm

Holiday Ends: 8:32pm

“New” chametz bought from non-Jews can be eaten.

Not before 9:32pm – your “sold” chametz can be eaten (before this time it has yet to revert to your ownership, per the terms of your sale of chametz).

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