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#MeToo with Rabbi Benson

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Did Jezebel get a bad rap? Was Eve's intentions just misunderstood? According to Rabbi Benson, we might want to reconsider some of the stories we’ve been reading in the bible for thousands of years. In Facebook Live videos transmitting from North Shore Jewish Center with supporting documentation on Rabbi Benson’s blog, congregants are getting a chance to rethink what they have been taught.

Have you been missing the #MeToo classes or want to revisit them?

Don’t worry. See below for the weekly topics complete with Facebook Live video and blog links. Still have questions? Email Rabbi Benson at

Session 1: Eve

Session 2: Nameless Women

Session 3: The Matriarchs

Session 4: Bad Queens?

Session 5: Dina and Tamar

Session 6: Prophetesses, Widows and Prostitutes - Biblical Women with Agency

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